The United Nations of Vodka Gift Basket


If you’re looking for Ketel One vodka gifts, Tito’s vodka gifts, or Ciroc vodka gift baskets, stop searching. This vodka gift basket includes all three. But it’s loaded with a lot more than that. We like to snack before we start drinking and then again at the end of the night when we stagger home. So for the pre-game and the post-party we’ve included two cones of Popcornopolis gourmet flavored popcorn and two bags of Snyder’s pretzels. A signature rocks glass lets him enjoy a drink the second he opens up his gift, while the reusable tin that holds it all can be used later to keep his phone, wallet, and keys in one convenient spot. If he’s anything like us, he’s always misplacing one of those three essential things. And in case he acts like a girly-girl and refuses like to drink his vodka straight, we’ve included a can of Sprite for mixing.