The Ultimate Guide to Sending and Ordering Flowers from Fast Gifts

Spring-inspired bouquet with pink tulips and Matsumoto Asters, green button chrysanthemums, white daisies, and pink heather in a clear glass vase"
In the rich tapestry of human connection, few gestures transcend the language barrier and express the depths of our emotions like sending flowers. Fast Gifts, your premier online florist, has perfected the art of floral gifting, ensuring that your sentiments are beautifully conveyed through the timeless language of flowers. Whether you’re celebrating a joyous occasion, expressing sympathy, or simply sending a token of your affection, Fast Gifts offers an unmatched selection of floral arrangements for every conceivable occasion, complemented by fast, reliable same-day delivery.

The Floral Palette: Popular Cut Flowers and Their Meanings

Fast Gifts boasts an extensive selection of popular cut flowers, each with its unique symbolism and beauty. Here’s a closer look at some of the favorites:


Universally admired, roses symbolize love, gratitude, and admiration. Red roses are iconic for romance, while yellow roses speak of friendship, and white roses denote purity.


These elegant flowers are often associated with purity and renewal. White lilies are commonly sent for funerals, whereas orange lilies can symbolize passion and confidence.


Epitomizing exotic beauty and strength, orchids are a sophisticated choice, often representing luxury and delicate beauty.


A symbol of adoration and loyalty, their sunny disposition can light up any room, making them perfect for cheering someone up.


Representing perfect love, tulips are available in a spectrum of colors, each carrying different meanings – from red’s declaration of love to purple’s symbol of royalty.


With their simple charm, daisies symbolize innocence and purity. They are ideal for a gesture of unpretentious affection.


In many cultures, chrysanthemums are a symbol of longevity and fidelity. Their wide color range allows for diverse expressions of sentiment.

Occasions for Floral Gifting

Flowers are the universal messengers of emotions, suitable for a wide range of occasions:
Birthdays and Anniversaries: Celebrate another year of life or love with vibrant bouquets that embody joy and affection.
Get Well Wishes: Brighten up a hospital room and convey your wishes for a speedy recovery with cheerful blooms. Fast Gifts delivers to all hospitals, offering both flowers and plants.
New Baby Congratulations: Welcome a new addition to the family with delicate arrangements designed to celebrate new life.
Sympathy and Funerals: Convey your condolences and respect with serene floral arrangements. Fast Gifts ensures timely delivery to funeral homes, mortuaries, and cemeteries for wakes, funerals, or celebrations of life.
Just Because: Sometimes, flowers are sent not for a special occasion but as a spontaneous expression of love, appreciation, or to simply brighten someone’s day.

Why Choose Fast Gifts for Your Floral Needs?

Same-Day Delivery: Understanding the importance of timing, Fast Gifts offers fast, reliable same-day delivery to ensure your floral gift arrives when it matters most.
Broad Selection: From exotic orchids to cheerful sunflowers, our diverse assortment caters to all tastes, preferences, and occasions.
Unparalleled Service: Our seamless online ordering process and dedicated customer support make sending and ordering flowers an effortless and enjoyable experience.
Quality Assurance: We collaborate with the finest local florists to ensure that every bouquet is arranged with the freshest flowers and delivered with care.

The Art of Ordering from Fast Gifts

Ordering from Fast Gifts is designed to be a straightforward, hassle-free process:
Select Your Flowers: Browse our extensive selection and choose a floral arrangement that best expresses your sentiment.
Customize Your Order: Add a personal message and any special instructions to tailor your gift to the occasion.
Enter Delivery Details: Provide the recipient’s address and select the desired delivery date. For same-day delivery, ensure your order is placed within the specified timeframe.
Complete Your Purchase: Finalize your order with a secure payment, and leave the rest to us. We’ll ensure your flowers are delivered on time and as beautiful as you envisioned.

Your Premier Online Florist

Fast Gifts stands as the #1 resource for sending and ordering flowers online, offering an unrivaled blend of quality, convenience, and personalized service. Whether it’s a gesture of love, a token of appreciation, or an expression of sympathy, flowers have the unique ability to speak directly to the heart. Trust Fast Gifts to help you articulate those feelings with the perfect floral arrangement, ensuring your message is received and cherished. Let us bridge the distance between hearts and make every occasion unforgettable with the timeless beauty of flowers.

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