The Classic Martini Gift Basket


You don’t have to live a James Bond lifestyle to enjoy a martini shaken not stirred—you just have to have good taste. But because we always like to do things a little bit differently, we’ve included some unexpected ingredients to take your classic martini to the next level. To make this sophisticated drink a bit more interesting, we’ve switched out the traditional olives for a jar of Tomolives, included a bag of popcorn so he’s got something to snack on, and tossed in some Ferrero Rocher chocolates to satisfy his sweet tooth. There are lots of martini gift basket ideas out there, but do any of them include chocolates, snacks, and pickled green tomatoes? We think not. Want to be the one to give him the most awesome gift ever? This Vodka Martini Gift Basket is the gift that he’ll be happy to open, thrilled to drink, and excited to tell his buddies about. It’s got style. It’s got class. And it’s got the thing he loves most in the world—booze. Send him one of these for his birthday and if you’re lucky, maybe on your birthday, you’ll get one in return.