Rum and Coke Gift Basket


Traditionally drinking cocktails like rum and coke have long been a favorite of both experienced drinkers and novices alike. A classic mixed drink for anyone, anywhere, at any time, to enjoy. So we made the Rum and Coke Gift Basket just for them. Rum, bourbon, whiskey, or other related hard liquor’s may cause some aficionados to cringe at the very thought of combining them with soda. But at Fast Gifts, we are well aware of the possibilities of the right combination’s of any booze to soda that will change your life. The rum and Coke is a go to favorite, and we believe Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is the ideal complement to make it. But as always, you can pick any rum of your choice that you desire. That’s just how we roll, so enjoy.  We’re all about providing that important person in your life exactly what he or she likes and desires, which is why we have a variety of selections and gift baskets available.