Irish Car Bomb Whiskey-Beer Gift Set


The Irish Car Bomb is a pub night staple that allows you to mix your favorite shot with your favorite beer and get really drunk in the process. Depending on how expert you are at drinking, it may either start the party or end it. Everything you need to build a top-notch Irish Car Bomb at home is included in this Jameson gift basket, including a bottle of Jameson, four cans of Guinness, a 16oz pint glass, and a 2.5oz shot glass. A pint of Guinness should be poured perfectly if you want to enjoy it. On the other hand, Jameson is typically only drank when pre-gaming or going to an after-party. However, the Irish Car Bomb Gift Basket is designed for the man who loves the pairing of the two far more than he does drinking one or the other.