The Boilermaker Gift Set


A boilermaker is a Jack Daniels and beer combination in which a shot of whiskey is dropped into a pint glass of beer that is just partially full. Despite being straightforward to make, this boiler maker gift basket is anything but. If he likes Bud, he’d probably be content with a simple case of beer or a standard Bud Light gift package, but this one is just SO much better. To give him something to eat when he starts downing all that alcohol, we’ve added two cones of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn in addition to the beer, whiskey, and pint glass, a bottle opener, and two beer koozies. A Jack Daniels bottle and ten bottles of beer? That’s right. We landed there. The Boilermaker Gift of Whiskey and Beer is the gift basket they will love you for.