Kids Easter Basket


To kids, Easter morning is nothing shy of magical. That’s why we created this exciting gift, that’s on par with the excitement of the holiday! Inside a reusable metal bucket, we’ve gathered together an unparalleled collection of irresistibly sweet candy and entertaining games. This wonderful arrangement is sure to make this Easter morning unforgettable!

Lil’ Hands
Finger Skateboard
Whoopee Cushion – Self Inflating
Stretchy Chik’n
Nerd Glasses
Doggy Poo
Squish Dude Toy
Jolly Rancher Hard Candies by Jolly Rancher – 7 oz.
Goldbears by Haribo – 5 oz.
Warheads Smashups by Impact Confections – 2 oz.
Strawberry Hi-Chew by Morinaga – 3.53 oz.