The Ultimate Ciroc Vodka Sampler Gift


We’re guessing that they love some flavor, because Ciroc certainly has quite a few tasty ones to offer. This Vodka Gift Basket includes two bottles of Apple Ciroc Vodka, two bottles of Red Berry Ciroc Vodka, and two bottles of Peach Ciroc Vodka. There’s so many ways to enjoy this Vodka Gift Set and so many cocktails you can make with it that the ladies will love it too. We’ve included a can of Sprite for mixing, two packs of Popcornopolis Gourmet Flavored Popcorn, and two bags of Snyder’s Pretzels so you don’t have to drink your vodka on any empty stomach. The snacks make it perfect for pre-gaming or topping off the end of a long night of partying. Plus, the small size of the bottles makes them easy to throw into your briefcase, carry in your backpack, or hide inside your desk drawer at work.